Repeated usage of these products will eventually cause the tattoo to fade away until it has completely vanished. TCA liquid must be applied every six weeks and cream should be applied every two to three days. Popular manufacturers of TCA liquid are Ink busters and Nuviderm while Wrecking Balm is a well-known for tattoo removal cream. Neither are cheap but they are tested products which reduce the risk of skin irritation.

As you look at how to get rid of tattoos you may encounter the “magic wand home tattoo removal system.” This isn’t recommended since it can burn your skin badly if not used correctly. Some people even complain it is like putting a hot iron to your skin – ouch!

Removal of tattoos with home remedies is generally a safer route, though like all methods it will take time to see results. So if you want to remove all evidence of the follies of your youth, you can try a few home remedies before you turn to more costly and painful treatments.